How do you view your mind?

If you had to draw a depiction of what you think your writing mind looks like, what would it be?

At the South Portland (ME) writer’s group last Saturday someone asked the question about how do people know what to write about. I’m not sure if my answer was what she was looking for, but I described my mind as such:

Do you remember when they used to draw the daily lottery numbers on TV in the evening? Maybe they still do it in places but I haven’t seen it for a long time now. Anyway, I described my mind as being one of those machines full of the numbered ping pong balls flying around inside.

That’s my mind. The ideas fly around like those numbered balls. There are plenty of them in there.

The issue is getting them out.

I liken actually being able to put words on paper to the little door opening at the bottom of the machine and a number pops out. The rub is that I have yet to master how to open that door consistently.

It seems to be getting easier and if it is, it is because I am working harder at it. Which brings me back to the advice we have all heard over and over: If you want to be a writer, you have to write. And write. And write. It takes discipline. It takes courage. It takes determination to make writing a priority. And as I said in a previous post, that is a resolution for 2015. Make writing a priority.

So, how do you see your mind if you were to have to draw it on paper. A sealed shut vault? A high speed printer? Is it what you want it to be?


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